After years of hard work and long hours in establishing his career, Dutch presenter/actor/singer/comedian Jeroen van Koningsbrugge has decided to take a sabbatical. He brought his family to Malibu, California for a year, enjoying life to the fullest. Meanwhile making his dream come true, writing songs and producing his debut album. 

In collaboration with partners RTL and Staatsloterij, a 360 degree communication platform is used to profile Jeroen a person who is fully enjoying life, doing the things he loves most.

The rest is a commercial campaign starring Jeroen, social media involvement and a tv show. There are 8 episodes in which Jeroen invites well-known dutch artists to write songs based on personal inspiration such as being a father, working hard to get a career going, enjoying life to the fullest, etc.  The process of writing songs and living in California with his  Dutch and new found American friends will be documented and broadcasted from august 31st onwards.